Alexander Teslenko - Were not 17

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Текст песни
I could fall when a little baby say hello
There’s no fall when you’re falling’s already gone
Turning off and I know you got love, you got fire
And I know, when I’m sad you will bring me to life
We’re not 17 we’re not 17 baby I’m still alone
We never regret, we never regret but baby I’ve found my home
We gotta love, but I know bloody heart beating
I’m not afraid, but I’m still not ready to fall
Only Tuesday, only Friday
I wanna know
I am brave
But I’m still not ready to go
I could fall, something grows me with the greatest love
Not alone, all the time I’m feeling this war
Every night, every day of my life is the same
And I know, when you leave I don’t get on my way

Alexander Teslenko - We're Not 17
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